JC9 frostbiting begins December 4, 2022 - the weather is mild, and we on the committee sure hope it stays that way!!!

JC9ers are looking for new sailors!!! Join us; we are always looking for members to join us, either racing or on the committee; it's great fun and a beautiful way to spend a cold Sunday. 

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are forthcoming. 

Please let me know if you are interested in trying it out or joining us for the season. It's worth it to test the water while it's warm; no pun intended. We have fun!

We look forward to seeing you and other frostbiters at the bar or with the lasers at their outdoor post-race festivities.

We hope to move the boats to their winter location with a few volunteers. We will let you know the exact date. Please be sure to both Register and sign the Waiver Form and send them to Amy at tacassidy@optonline.net. We cannot allow racers who have not submitted the waiver to participate in races.

JC-9 - 2022-2023 Schedule
Dec 412:00 dock departureJC9 FW1JC9’s Season Starts!
Dec 1112:30 dock departureJC9 FW2 
Dec 1812:30 dock departureJC9 FW3 
Jan 812:30 dock departureJC9 FW4 
Jan 1512:30 dock departureJC9 FW5(Day 2 McAuley Regatta)
Jan 2212:30 dock departureJC9 FW6McAuley Cup
Jan 2912:30 dock departureJC9 FW7 
Feb 512:30 dock departureJC9 FW8 
Feb 1212:30 dock departureJC9 WS1Superbowl
Jan 1912:30 dock departureJC9 WS2Presidents Day Weekend
Feb 2612:30 dock departureJC9 WS3 
Mar 512:30 dock departureJC9 WS4 
Mar 1212:30 dock departureJC9 WS5 
Mar 1912:30 dock departureJC9 WS6 
Mar 2612:30 dock departureJC9 WS7 
Apr 212:30 dock departureJC9 WS8 
Apr 912:30 dock departureJC9 WS9Spare day, to accommodate cancellations)
TBD  Season Dinner & Awards
JC-9 Information
JC-9 Registration for 2021-2022
Request to Charter a Boat Form
Scratch Sheet for the JC-9 2020-2021 Frostbite Season
JC-9 Notice Of Race, Sailing Instructions & Waivers, Entry Form, Schedule…
A few random pictures for the JC9's that we have received.
Link to Stewart Marine JC-9 Home Page
Link to Stuart Marine JC-9 Sailing Dinghy Parts
Link to Stewart Marine listing of used JC-9's for sale.