Requests for JC-9 charters will be sent sent to Amy Cassidy.  She will review your request and forward it to individuals who have agreed to charter their boats for the season.  You will be contacted by them and they will connect charter fees directly.

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HYC Fall-Winter-Spring Frostbite Seasons: $  500.00


$  500.00

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JC-9 Information

JC-9 Registration

JC-9 Registration for 2021-2022

JC-9 Boat Charter

Request to Charter a Boat Form

JC-9 Scratch Sheet

Scratch Sheet for the JC-9 2020-2021 Frostbite Season

JC-9 Frostbite Season Documents

JC-9 Notice Of Race, Sailing Instructions & Waivers, Entry Form,…

JC9 Photos

A few random pictures for the JC9's that we have received.

About the JC-9

Link to Stewart Marine JC-9 Home Page

JC-9 Sailing Dinghy Parts

Link to Stuart Marine JC-9 Sailing Dinghy Parts

Used JC-9's for Sale

Link to Stewart Marine listing of used JC-9's for sale.