2019-20 Scratch Sheet
Sail # Skipper Class Rig Club Age Division
7 Aiden Cassidy Laser 4.7 Huguenot YC Y
55 Billy Morris Laser 4.7 Huguenot YC Y
159845 Annie McCulloch Laser 4.7 Huguenot YC Y
187297 Katie McCulloch Laser 4.7 Huguenot Y
399 Graham Hagger Laser Radial None AM
584 Tim Longo Laser Radial HYC O
1000 Louisa Ong and Alix Trébaol Laser Radial Raffles Marina Singapore O
170341 Adam DeVita Laser Radial HYC O
172101 William Purdy Laser Radial City Island YC GM
178552 Jeremiah Blatz Laser Radial Hudson River CS AM
179988 Victor Johansson Laser Radial Huguenot YC Y
187879 Bednarz-Scott Laser Radial BYC O
188896 Ryo Sakai Laser Radial CPYC M
195444 Jasper Waldman Laser Radial Chester YC Y
197621 Iris Vogel Laser Radial NYYC, HYC, STC GM
209393 Christopher Jackson Laser Radial N/A O
214501 Manuel Cadarso Laser Radial American YC Y
tbd Zoe Chan and Kalei Brady Laser Radial Columbia Sailing O
3557 Tim Tsao Laser Standard Horseshoe Harbor YC M
12345 Matthew Coughlin Laser Standard Huguenot YC O
70762 Erik Broekhof & Anna Pot Laser Standard Horseshoe Harbor YC M
116366 Dave Coughlin Laser Standard Huguenot M
124583 Melih Bagdatli Laser Standard N/A O
154466 Blaine Davis Laser Standard none O
132904 John Dennerlein Laser Standard Raritan YC GM
149145 John Groskoph Laser Standard Avalon YC, Corinthian Y of Cape May M
161053 Michael Lusty Laser Standard Raritan YC, Surf City YC GM
165977 Jason Viseltear Laser Standard Huguenot YC M
168431 Bill McCulloch Laser Standard Huguenot YC M
176219 Rob Simonfy Laser Standard Nyack Boat Club M
191451 Will Ingrahm Laser Standard    
194566 Chris Pike Laser Standard Huguenot YC AM
194579 Bill Heintz Laser Standard Huguenot YC, STC GM
4392 Allen Fligor Laser Standard Huguenot YC, STC M
  Anna-Sophie Labrenz Laser Standard   O
Age Division
Y - Youth - Under 17
O - Open - open
AM - Apprentice Master - 35-44
M - Master - 45-54
GM - Grand Master - 55-64
GGM - Great Grand Master - 65 and Over
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