2017-18 JC-9 Frostbite Documents

Message from JC-9 Fleet Captain

30 October 2017

It won’t be long now….before JC9 frostbiting begins, the Lasers start racing on Sunday and they look like a strong fleet. I know it is much milder today, and we on the committee sure hope it stays that way!!!

JC9ers are looking for new sailors!!! Join us we are always looking for members to join us, either racing or on the committee, its great fun and a beautiful way to spend a cold Sunday.

I have attached the Sailing Instructions, Entry Form, Waiver and Schedule for this year.

Please let me know if you have an interest in trying it out or joining us for the season. Its worth it to just test the water while its warm, no pun intended. We have fun!

Jason Viseltear is organizing a Laser Fleet. Please see attached Laser invitation, if you are interested in Lasers please contact Jason. We look forward to seeing them at the bar after they dry off.

We hope to move the boats to their winter location with a few volunteers. We will let you know the exact date. Please be sure to sign both the Waiver and Entry Form and send them to Amy at tacassidy@optonline.net. We cannot allow any racers who have not submitted the waiver to participate in races.

JC-9 : Sailing Instructions

RESPONSIBILITY: As a condition of participating in winter dinghy racing at the Huguenot Yacht Club, each skipper is required to sign a Waiver and Release of Liability in a form provided by the Frostbite Committee. By participating in such racing, each skipper thereby confirms and agrees to the terms of such Waiver and Release of Liability.


A. This Regatta will be governed by the rules as defined by The Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016

B. RRS 42 – Propulsion – shall be strictly adhered to.

C. CLASS RULES: In the interest of fair sailing all boats must conform to the local Class Rules and Specifications, a variance may be allowed if the deficiency does not violate the intent or spirit of the rule or specification in question.


  • Lasers will have a dock departure time of 12:30; races will commence promptly at 1:00 PM each day
  • JC9s will have a dock departure time of 12:30, races will commence more or less as soon as all the boats have arrived at starting area and have been milling about for a while.
  • The number of races sailed on each day will be decided solely by the Race Committee.

3. WEATHER CONDITIONS – While the final decision as to whether racing should be held will rest with the Race Committee, the responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing hers alone.


  • Lasers: The Starting Line and Finish Line will be between a staff flying an Yellow Flag on the committee boat and a port side mark flying a Yellow Flag unless otherwise indicated by special announcement. The start and finish line may be ignored except when starting and/or finishing.
  • JC9s: The Start/Finish Line will be announced from the committee boat.


  • Courses will be announced from the committee boat.
  • JC9s: Courses will use the existing Docks and Buoys in the Harbor or such other marks designated by committee.
  • Lasers: Courses will be set using inflatable drop marks. Modified Windward/Leeward, Modified Triangle, Harry A (figure 4 course), or No-Gibe Course. See Attachment 3

6. STARTING SIGNALS and RECALLS - Races will be started in accordance with Appendix S - Sound-Signal Starting Sequence (this is a US Sailing prescription.) and as changed by Attachment 2 for JC9s.


A. Non-inflatable, Coast Guard approved life preservers MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES by skipper (and crew). This applies to the Race Committee (re: New York State Law 2009 Section 40, Subdivision 1 of the Navigation Law paragraph (e)).

B. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to disqualification.


A. It is mandatory that boats in the neighborhood of any overturned boat go to the rescue of her crew if they are in danger.

B. Boats going to the rescue must report their action to the race committee and will be given credit for that race for finishing in the position at the time of rescue or, if that cannot be determined, by taking their average for the day.

9. PROTESTS - A protesting boat shall hail “Protest” to the other boat(s) at the time of the incident and report her intent to protest to the race committee at the conclusion of the race. No flag is necessary.

10. SCORING (this section is for the Lasers - the JC9s have a similar variation.)

A. Daily

i. Scoring for a DAY is based on a RRS Appendix A2 Low Point System: 1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, and so on . . . The winner of the day will have accumulated the least number of points.

ii. If five or more races are sailed, each boat’s score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.

iii. Boats scored RAF, DNS, OCS, DNF, and DSQ will receive “Number of Racers for the Day” points +1 for its race.

iv. Intra-Daily results and throw-outs have no bearing on Season and Series Scores.

B. Season Championship, Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring Series

i. Scoring for a SERIES or SEASON is based on both RRS Appendix A2 and A9 - a combination of Low Point Scoring and Race Scores in a Series Longer than a Regatta. Essentially, all Race Scores will be counted and considered as one long regatta: scoring will be decided on an accumulation basis. For each boat this is done by summing all of the points earned on days sailed and days missed.

ii. On days when a boat does not sail, or is scored RAF, DNS, OCS, DNF, or DSQ, it will receive “Number of Racers for the

Day” points +1 for each race.

iii. At the end, each boats score will be calculated on the scores of the BEST 50% of the races sailed during the SERIES or SEASON. In other words, the worst 50% of the race finishes will be thrown out - the throw-outs will be selected by the scorer from the boat’s worst races from a SERIES or the SEASON.

iv,The skipper is scored and not the boat. -- Those individuals wishing to qualify as co-skippers of the same boat should notify the committee prior to the first day of racing.


A. First, second and third prizes will be awarded for the Season's Overall racing and first, second and third prizes each for the Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring series. A number of other prizes may be awarded based on improvement in one series over another, for winning individual races, etc.

B. Prizes will be awarded at a dinner DATE TBD.



i. Members of the Huguenot Yacht Club who is an owner of an eligible Frostbite Program boat, or who has chartered a boat, are eligible to participate.

ii. Non-Members of the Huguenot Yacht Club, “Winter Members,to whom an invitation has been extended may take part in activities sponsored by the Huguenot Yacht Club Program.

iii. Juniors aged 17 and under, to whom an invitation has been extended to enter their dinghies in these races may do so. All juniors may be required to submit a brief resume and take a proficiency test prior to participation.


i. All participants shall make application to the appropriate Fleet Captain and upon payment of Dingy Storage and Participation Fee shall become a participant in the program.

ii. Frostbite Program fees paid by HYC Members and Winter Members shall be at the same rate. The Huguenot Yacht Club Board of Trustees set the fees for the winter season at $150 for each participant.

iii. Visiting participants pay $15 per race and are limited to competing a maximum of two days per winter sailing season.


A. A limited amount of space is available on the floating docks for the storage of dinghies.

B. A Seasonal charge of $10.00 per foot will be billed to each skipper: $140.00 for Laser Sailors and $90.00 for JC9’s.


A. BOAT IDENTIFICATION: It is required that each skipper label or paint identification of his dinghy on the mast, dagger board and rudder.

B. BOWLINE. There shall be a painter, which extends beyond the bow by at least 15 feet. The line should float and should be secured to the mast.

C. JC9 Weight Requirement: the minimum crew weight requirement and set it at 160 lbs (including wetsuit, vest, etc.)

D. Failure to wear a lifejacket is punishable by a NYS fine of not less than $100 not more than $250, applicable to either the operator and/or the owner of the vessel.

2018-2019 JC-9 Race Results and Schedule

JC-9 Frostbite Photos


Waiver - you need this before you can go on the water.
2017-18 Waiver Graphic.png
JC-9 Entry Form - you need this to race and keep your boat on the floating dock.
JC-9 2017-18 Entry Form Graphic.png
JC-9 Sailing Instructions - you should read this.  
JC-9 2017-18 Sailing Instructions Graohic.png
HYC House Rules - don't even think of taking out a Club Launch in just a swim suit this winter.
2017-18 Winter Rules Graphic.png
Huguenot Yacht Club Frostbite Fleet - RULES AND REGULATIONS - Organized 1997
HYC Frostbite FleetRR Graphic.png
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